David Gordon Green’s ‘Halloween’ Trilogy Gets New 4K Steelbook Collection

This legacy trilogy ended the battle between Michael Myers and Laurie Strode.

The Big Picture

  • David Gordon Green’s Halloween trilogy is getting a 4K steelbook boxset release.
  • The set includes Halloween (2018), Halloween Kills, and Halloween Ends, with each film creatively distinct while honoring the legacy of John Carpenter’s original. The trilogy features some of Carpenter’s best music.
  • The Halloween Trilogy 4K steelbook set will be released on October 10, 2023, and can be pre-ordered for $77.99 on Best Buy’s website. It is the first time the modern Halloween films are available together in one package.

Spooky season is upon us horror fans which means it’s almost time to start a Halloween marathon. The iconic John Carpenter slasher franchise turns 45 this year and is being celebrated in some very fun ways. Especially if you’re a physical media fan. Halloween H20: 20 Years Later and Rob Zombie’s Halloween duology are getting killer new steelbook releases this Fall. However, that’s not all as it’s just been announced that David Gordon Green’s Halloween trilogy is getting a stunning 4K steelbook boxset release.

This set includes Halloween (2018), Halloween Kills, and Halloween Ends. The three steelbook held in a collectible library case artfully depict the genre rematch of the century. Michael Myers versus Laurie Stoude. Michael is on Halloween (2018), the iconic Myers house divides them on Halloween Kills, and Laurie gets her much deserved revenge on Halloween End’s steelbook. The Orange color scheme is synonymous with the franchise and evokes the eerie mood perfectly. The set’s case also has beautifully haunting artwork of Michael about to strike with their staple kitchen knife and the dreaded Halloween night full of trick or treaters from the 2018 reboot.

Green’s Halloween Legacy

While this reboot trilogy was ultimately controversial in the end, like most Halloween sequels are, Green and star Jamie Lee Curtis set out to make the ultimate finale for the slasher franchise. Whether it was the classic feel of 2018, the extremely brutal nature of Kills, or the risk taking left turn of the copycat killer in Ends, each film felt creatively distinct from one another while still honoring the legacy of Carpenter’s original. Speaking of the horror legend, this new Halloween trilogy features some of Carpenter’s best music to date, and he has single-handedly put most other modern horror movies to shame. It’s definitely a trilogy that deserves a second look. Especially Ends as it brought the franchise’s theme of pure “evil” spreading like a virus full bloody circle.

Michaels Myers attacks Laurie Strode at the end of 'Halloween Ends'
Image via Universal Pictures

When’s the Halloween Trilogy 4K Set Releasing?

The new Halloween Trilogy 4K steelbook set is releasing on October 10, 2023. Just in time for “The Night He Came Home”. The set will be $77.99, and you can pre-order it now on Best Buy’s website. All three modern Halloween films are already available individually in 4K now, but this is the first time they’re hauntingly together in one pumpkin-sized package.

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